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"Heather is a amazing practitioner and inspiring person to be around." - D. Fox

"I have received sessions from Heather for the past 12 years in-person and long distance. Heather is a remarkable holistic practitioner and a master at her trade. She is intuitive and grounded. After each session (RYSE, Polarity, Massage or Floating), I was/am always grateful for a renewed sense of clarity and well-being that I needed to move forward. Thank you Heather, for years of being present and supportive to me." - M.P. Mack

"Heather's work is powerful. She combines her many years of experience with an intuitive sense that always leaves me feeling lighter and at peace." - N. Anastas

"Heather is very warm and calming. ( just like the float!). It is beneficial on many levels from simple relaxation to more deep meditation and for therapeutic benefits." - G. Suydam

"Heather is such a calming, kind, and warm-hearted person and makes sure your experience is optimal. Highly recommended!" - Eva Rawposa

"I have seen Heather at "A Moving Healing Center" over a period of a couple of years. She helped me through a particularly difficult period where I was suffering from a complex physical injury that was made worse by general stress. Her practice and approach envelope enough energy to address both these 'hot button' areas AS WELL AS stuff I didn't even realize was lurking in the shadows. All I had to do was show up, get on the table and be willing and open to heal. I arrived hurting, stressed and open to anything....I left relaxed, lighter and eventually healed of my physical injury and much less stressed in the rest of my world! Heather's healing hands I'd put myself in - - - again and again." - L. DiMatteo

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