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About the Practitioner

Heather is an amazing healer, an inspiring and passionate teacher of conscious movement, meditation and yoga. She has been in practice for over sixteen years, leading holistic wellness retreats and offering healing therapies to restore body, mind and spirit.  Adventurous, focused and free-spirited, Heather loves to travel and facilitate workshops internationally. 

Heather's mission as a professional therapist, energy healer and life coach is to support her clients in healing the body, mind and spirit using an integrative approach involving energy medicine, exercises and nutrition. Her unique approach helps clients in releasing trauma, relieving anxiety, anger, grief, stress, and increase vital energy, promoting healing through self-awareness.

Heather's integrative approach focuses on the flow and balance of energy as the foundation of good health. She specializes in "Polarity Realization and RYSE Therapy", managing and clearing energy systems, reflex and acupressure points that balance energy flow in the body and energy fields. Polarity is based on the traditional system of Ayurvedic medicine, which defines patterns of health through the concept of energy movement. 

Science is now verifying the presence of subtle energy fields as the primary organizing principles of life. There is evidence that these subtle energy fields are balanced and organized by focused thoughts. Leading scientists, doctors and psychologists are declaring "energy medicine" as the medicine of the 21st century.

Board Certified and Registered Polarity Practitioner, APTA
LMT and RYSE "Tools for Life" Energy Awareness Practitioner 

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